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Women-Owned Biz

In honor of Women's History Month, we celebrate the women who are at the heart of the small businesses throughout the Packing District!

Georgia’s Restaurant Nika Shoemaker-Machado and Gretchen Shoemaker

ADYA – Chef Shachi Mehra

Le Parfait Paris – Ludivine Mas

Popbar – Anne Tran

18 Folds, Snow Monster & 206 BCE – Kathy Vu

The Stuffed Potato

Still a few tickets left to 3/12 Mary J Blige and Jill Scott Tribute Concert

Urbana – Andrea Parada

Black Sheep Grill Cheese Bar

Poppy and Seed – Kwini Reed

Monkish Brewing Co - Adriana Nguyen

Unsung Brewing Co – Kristi Crea

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