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MADE IN Anaheim: White Elephant

In Thai culture, the majestic white elephant represents fortune, purity and power, as well as being well-grounded. That is exactly what the newest Anaheim Packing House restaurant exemplifies. These concepts are echoed through clean yet powerful flavors and a carefully curated modern Thai menu, assured for quality rather than quantity. We are fortunate to have another cultural culinary artisan to balance out the global offerings at the Anaheim Packing House.

Menu items such as the Coconut Milk Fried Chicken, Turmeric Chicken, Crying Tiger Steak, Garlic Seared Salmon, and Puffy Tofu Yum draw inspiration from different regions of Thailand and are prepared with a unique western twist.

Fun Fact: Although usually depicted as being snow white, in reality the white elephant's skin is normally a soft-reddish brown — turning pink when wet.

We sat down with White Elephant's owner, whose name is Earth, to learn more about his new concept!

Please share with us a little history about you as a small business owner and why you opened up a restaurant within the Packing District.

Earth: I’ve been in and out of restaurants my whole life. So over the years, there were opportunities to pick up little things and techniques here and there. I also love food and cooking on my free time, but mostly Western dishes. My family brought up the idea of opening a restaurant a while back. I thought about it, and as we worked on the project eventually refining the concept to what it is now, I took whatever I had learned from all the Thai restaurants I’ve travelled through, combined it with some Western techniques and family recipes to try and offer something flavorful, wholesome, and refreshing at the same time.

Where did the recipes come from?

Earth: The recipes came from the family. We’ve been learning and cooking together for quite some time. I’ve also worked at different Thai restaurants around the LA area ever since I was young so I’ve picked up a few things here and there. Then taking everything that we know, put it into this idea.

What sets your restaurant apart from other Thai establishments?

Earth: We have a limited set of menu items which have been carefully considered and refined. Each item really stands out and is quite unique on it’s own. Within the limited number we also try to consider a lot about customers with dietary restrictions so there is a fish and tofu dish for those who are pescatarian and vegetarian.


October 15 (50% Off)

October 16 (30% Off)

October 17 (25% Off)

October 18 (20% Off)

Cannot be combined with any other offers. Drinks excluded.

When you visit the restaurant, there's a good chance you will find Earth welcoming guests with a warm smile and his mom, Jenny, making sure everything is perfectly prepared.

White Elephant is located inside of the historic Anaheim Packing House on the upper level across from Georgia's Restaurant.

440 S. Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

Follow @whiteelephant.oc on Instagram for updates!

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