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We Are Family Feasting!

Photo credit: @Popeyethefoodie pictured with 18 Folds Family Feast

On those days when cooking just isn't an option, we have your dinner duties covered! Whether savoring solo or consuming with your casa, feasts are the perfect way to keep you filled up on a dime!

$20 Fried Chicken Bucket Meal

Includes 8 pieces of hand-battered fried chicken and 2 soulful sides!

$31.50 Seafood Feast

Includes 4 pieces of golden fried fish, 1 order of calamari, 4 jumbo fried shrimp & 2 orders of fries!

$30 Burger Family Meal

Includes 4 cheeseburgers, 4 orders of fries and 4 soft drinks!

Jav's BBQ (Call to order 714-844-2680)

$25 Smoked Chicken

Includes whole smoked chicken and 2 pint-sized sides!

$40 Family Four Pack

Includes 4 cheeseburgers, 4 orders of fries and 4 Jarritos Sodas!

Plant-based - #eathappy

$30 Hot Honey Chicken

8 pieces steamed buns, sliced hot honey fried chicken, two drumsticks, pickles, sriracha mayo, and sweet and sour sauce

Urbana (Call to order 714-502-0255)

$35-$40 Chicken or Shrimp Enchiladas Suizas

Includes enchiladas for 4 filled with your choice of chicken or shrimp, melted queso Oaxaca, topped with salsa verde, crema, micro cilantro!

$35 Taco Kits (Choice of steak, al pastor, carnitas, cauliflower)

$50 Red Snapper Feast (feeds 6)

$40 Dorados (20 crispy potato tacos)


Please note that all specials listed are subject to change. Please check with individual restaurants for availability, hours and method of ordering.

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