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Celebrate Packing House's 100th Beerthday with a self guided beer tour!

Need a reason to explore Anaheim Packing District's bevy of brew-tiful beverages? We'll give you two!

This April 7th is National Beer Day and the Anaheim Packing House's 100th Birthday. Therefore, we are celebrating our Beerthday, the kick-off event of our series of 100-Year celebrations!

We have devised a handy dandy walking map and self-guided beer tour of Anaheim Packing District breweries and purveyors who specialize in hand-crafted, locally sourced and/or exotic frothy fermented finds.

In the late 1800s, the early founders of Anaheim prospered through their production of citrus and beer. Fast forward to present day, we are still enjoying the hoppy and citric roots cultivated over one hundred years ago. "Prost!" to the folks of past, present and future as we continue to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Tip: Download the FRAN app for a Free Ride Around the Neighborhood!

Your Handy Dandy Map:

Packing District Map


500 S. Anaheim Blvd - MAKE


Unsung Brewing Company

Known for: Heroic and award-winning handcrafted beers

Unsung Brewing Company

2. Anaheim Packing House

440 S. Anaheim Blvd

FRAN Stop: Packing House


Known for: Whisky flights and vintage train car ambiance

Hammer Bar

Known for: Handcrafted cocktails and friendly bartenders

The Iron Press

Known for: Amazing collection of craft beer taps and waffles

Kettle Bar

Known for: Pan roast and southern-style seafood


Known for: Mexican gastronomy and imported beers


3. Farmers Park

340-350 S. Anaheim Blvd

FRAN Stop: Farmers Park Stop

18 Folds

Known for: Chinese dim sum and 18 local taps

18 Folds

4. Packard Building

336-338 S. Anaheim Blvd - Packard Building

FRAN Stop: Farmers Park Stop

Anaheim Brewery

Known for: Pre-prohibition style beers and German beer garden

Anaheim Brewery

Umami Burger

Known for: Burgers with the 5th taste

Umami Burger


5. CTR ST Anaheim

155-211 W. Center Street Promenade

FRAN Stop: Center Street Stop

Okayama Bizen Bar

Known for: Japanese bakery, coffee and beers on tap

Pour Vida Latin Flavor

Known for: Handcrafted tacos


Known for: 80s/90s nights and American grub

Junk Bar

Known for: Adjoining vegan comfort food by Healthy Junk


Known for: Uniting the video game community


Safety First: Plan your ride to and from your home in advance. Arrange a ride or assign a designated driver.


Information within this post subject to change. Please check with individual establishments.

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